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Covid vaccine patient update

Published 22/01/2021

Thank you to all of our patients for your continued support whilst we deliver the Covid19 vaccinations to our patient population.

We continue to re...

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Vaccine update for health & social care staff

Published 20/01/2021

Thank you to those who have contacted us to add the 'health and social care worker' code to your record. We have now received confirmation that hospit...

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Covid vaccination update

Published 18/01/2021

Some of our patients received a letter over the weekend advising them that they can contact 119 to book a vaccine - at the moment this is for those ag...

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Covid vaccination queries

Published 05/01/2021

Following last night's announcement, we are being inundated with requests for information and appointments for Covid vaccinations. We are proactively...

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Booked covid vaccinations

Published 31/12/2020

If you or a relative have a booked appointment for a 2nd covid vaccination, please attend this appointment unless you hear from us otherwise. Thank yo...

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